New Ventures for the Future – E36 BMW Build Pt.1

After some recent life changes I have re-loacted myself back to the Denver area with the intention of pursuing my first true passion, automobiles. Anyone who knows me has seen my various motor-head manifestos  from a beat up BMW 318i to a super fast Saab 9000 Aero and of course the always sideways Subaru Legacy. Now I have something new (to me) and it comes in the form of another bavarian beast, the BMW 328is.


I was lucky enough to find someone who wanted to trade for my R50 Nissan Pathfinder (not a good city car) The E36 was in dire need of some love, there were live wires in the engine bay, puddles of water in the foot-wells and a bunch of hodgepodge dinkery. I jumped in with both feet and began gutting the interior in order to ease troubleshooting for electrical issues.

TCP_E361My intentions were (and still are) to make the car as fun as possible with little to no budget. Eventually the car will see track time but first I had to create a reliable daily driver. I’m not going to get into detail about everything I have done because it hasn’t been that exciting yet…

A rather terrifying event to note is that on the maiden voyage (after modification) I had the hood latch fail on me and send the hood into the upright position creating a nice crease across the middle of the hood! I was able to bang it out, and its not pretty but it sure is functional and won’t be coming up again with my home-made hood bolts with lock-wired security nuts!

DSC01562 DSC01572 DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPROI had also been spending countless hours browsing craigslist for parts and came across someone who was interested in trading wheels. Now the wheels that came on the car were 18’s a bit too big for what I am wanting to do, so I traded the “rare” BMW Style 71 wheels for a set of M3 DSII’s (LTW) and they we mounted with brand new tires!

DSC01588 DCIM100GOPRO DSC01587 DSC01592

Loving this setup minus the huge fender gap! I have removed around 300 lbs of weight from the car causing it to “lift” but they have a thing for that these days and they’re called “coilovers” hopefully I’ll be able to get this old girl back on the ground where she belongs!

DSC01581Note that all of this work has been done by myself in the snow during the past 2 weeks in the snow and cold but creating something for yourself feels so much more rewarding than having someone do it for you. She may not be that pretty but she’s gorgeous in my eyes!



DSC01611Stay tuned for more and be sure to follow my new Facebook page TheCampayne and Instagram profile @TheCampayne for daily updates on the E36!

Also, be sure to check out my new YouTube channel where I am doing a mini series on this car.







“White Room” McRae Williams 2015 X-Games Practice

“White Room”

Skier: McRae Williams

Presented by: Saga Outerwear

2 time X-Games Medalist McRae Williams warms up on the Freeway Jumps at Breckenridge Ski Resort for the 2015 X-Games Slopestyle in Aspen, Colorado. Cinematographer, Cameron Payne and Saga Outerwear along with professional freeskier, McRae Williams, teamed up to capture some very unique practices runs in Breckenridge’s Famous Freeway Terrain Park the week before the 2015 X-Games.

Shot & Edit by Cameron Payne / 4REELmedia

Camera – Sony FDR-AX100 1080/60p – Flycam 3000 MB

Edited in Final Cut Pro X





Done with 2014 onto 2015!


2014 has been anything but stagnant for myself, after the shut down of Summit Media Labs I picked up a new camera and began work as the social media specialist at Modis Breckenridge along with focusing my winter filming aspirations into something more professional and unique than previous years.

At the beginning of the winter I was contacted by Olympic snowboarder Scotty Lago to help produce some edits for his series #TheLagoEdits This stoked me out and got me really excited to produce professional content for a professional athlete of his calibre.

I also met a beautiful, charismatic,female who goes by the name of Erika Vikander and fell in love with this unique individual. She has helped me overcome obstacles in my personal and professional careers more than she will ever know, I am so grateful!

My goals are now to push 4REEL up through the ranks of “Semi-Novice” production companies and showing people that we are truly “Unique” capturing everything in 4K resolution with the intent of creating a professional lifestyle movie showcasing the beautiful people and places my life brings before me.

2015 will be anything but mellow and I’m ready to put in work! With some solid plans already set for this month and more to come, I am very excited to see where and what this season brings!


Live Life,


2014 Winter Dew Tour Action REEL

I was given an amazing opportunity last week to follow around some amazing athletes at the Dew Tour with ION CameraScotty LagoKelly ClarkDaniel DavisAlex BellemareJames ‘Woodsy’ Woods, and Wacko Wells

Check out the 4REELmedia edit I put together with some of my favorite shots, you should share this with your friends!

… won’t


Last week I was contacted by one of the snowboarding greats, Scotty Lago, thanks to good friend Kim P. Scotty had asked me if I was interested in filming some instagram edits for his new project #TheLagoedits, I was thrilled about the idea and planned to meet Scotty the next day in order to stack some shots!

Here is the first product of our labors which received quite a positive response on the internet.

The day after we produced this edit with Danny Davis, another snowboarding legend.

After the production of these two edits, Scotty had asked me if I wanted to help work on something a bit more “full-time” so this next week I will be following around and documenting the activities leading up to the seasons first big contest, “The Dew Tour” I am extremely excited about this opportunity and look forward for the weeks up-coming activities.

Simply Unique 4K Media


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