4K Cinema – Welding in Ultra High Definition

This was a test that I ran with my Sony FDR-AX100 shooting in 4K at 24 fps. I stopped the shutter down so the arc of the weld would not over-expose and I am happy with the test results. I think with some more time to set up shots like this, I could create some really unique shots, looking forward to more! Enjoy the video below and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.


The Sound of all Sounds: Straight Pipe V8

1969 Firebird Exhaust – Custom 2.5″ Straight Pipe (Great Sound)
My Dad built this amazing racecar from the bottom up, this car races in the vintage class and is very unique amongst its competitors. The new exhaust sounds amazing, looking forward to hearing it on the track this week, I will post a video of that on Friday, so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe for more!

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JT’s Speed Shop – 4K Automotive Cinema

Here is a look at some footage that I have been collecting for the past couple months for my new personal project / self promotion piece that I have been working on to help promote my new push towards automotive cinematography. I decided to do a piece on my Dad, who has built, and is in the process of building some really unique racing machines. If you ever wonder why I have a passion for cars, this is why. Every car has seen track time and with every experience, a new lesson learned. Purpose built race cars, tuned to perfection, I am calling this one “JT’s Speed Shop”

This was shot on my Sony FDR-AX100 in 4k with a few GoPro shots thrown into the mix. Everything was cut and edited in Final Cut Pro X, final file size in 4K was ~ 68gb, yes gigabytes!

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