Purp & Yellow

The day after Christmas I headed up to Keystone to shred, not knowing that I was going to be spending the next 24 hours in Breck, doing things that any other 22 year old does in Breck, eat wings, drink cheap beer and shred rails at Keystone? I know it sounds strange, but the fact … More Purp & Yellow

POV – Powder

It’s no lie that we have been getting hammered with snow up in the mountains, I love it! Mother nature’s grateful gift has allowed me to make some of the best turns of my life and even capture some onto the handy GoPro Camera that I have had by my side for the past few … More POV – Powder


For me, editing is something that calms me down, it allows me to take an idea in my head and make it a reality on a video. Final Cut is an amazing program, and when I first started playing with it more than 5 years ago I was hooked. I always say its one of … More Edits