ReinCARnation – A change in life

Six months ago, if you had looked at my photo & video libraries you would have seen endless subject matter of my now ex-grilfriend, however, things change and that relationship ended just a quickly as it had started. I returned to the city to help kill those mountainous emotions and make a change for the better, and in a lucky craigslist trade, I acquired one of my dream machines, an E36 BMW 328is! The car was in rough shape, but I was going to focus on bringing it back to life in an effort to forget the woman who I thought I would be with forever.

The Day I got the car it was dumping snow and made for an interesting maiden voyage.


As you can see, not that clean or well taken care of.


Dirty dented and running in limp mode.


Immediately after acquiring the car I began my research on the E36, lucky for me, there is an infinite amount of information out there for this car. My goals being, make this thing as fun as possible for as cheap as possible.

So, I gutted the interior, removed the A/C, Traction Control, Cruise Control and anything else that was not necessary to drive. On my maiden voyage around the neighborhood, the hood flew up and bent backwards cracking the windshield. I was not upset and proceeded to figure out a way to fix the issue. This also became the theme of this car right away, fix one thing to have another thing needing attention immediately after.


It’s safe to say the the car did not stay stock for long, I’ll do my best to list the modifications, however it is something new everyday.

The List-

Interior Delete including the sound deadening

New Front & Rear Control arms with new bushings

New Radiator with electric cooling fan conversion

New Coilovers, Wheels, Spacers & tires

Rolled & Pulled Fenders + Custom Front Bumper & Lip

Custom 3″ high flow intake + M50 Manifold + RK Tune

Custom 3″ Stainless Header back Exhaust with high flow cat

Rebuilt projector headlights + black paint

A/C + ACS + Cruise control delete

Air pump + ERG delete

Custom knobs, switches and switch plate

DSC01548 DSC00906 DSC00897

As you can see in the transformation, I have taken something that was neglected and gave it my own personal touch of what I wanted in a fun daily driver. There always seems to be something to fix or complete with this car but I think thats why I love it so much. It was helped me overcome a failed relationship but al re-sparked my love for the automobile. (Before this I was driving a 1996 Pathfinder, Ugh)


DSC01759 DSC01670 DSC01726

The journey will continue with this car, I see it as a type of “therapy” I’ve learned to stay calm and take a step back in order to solve a problem, I can apply that to life and then move forward.

DSC01753 DSC01765

The dubbed “euroRAT” lives on, it’s not that pretty, but is sure is fun!






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