Done with 2014 onto 2015!


2014 has been anything but stagnant for myself, after the shut down of Summit Media Labs I picked up a new camera and began work as the social media specialist at Modis Breckenridge along with focusing my winter filming aspirations into something more professional and unique than previous years.

At the beginning of the winter I was contacted by Olympic snowboarder Scotty Lago to help produce some edits for his series #TheLagoEdits This stoked me out and got me really excited to produce professional content for a professional athlete of his calibre.

I also met a beautiful, charismatic,female who goes by the name of Erika Vikander and fell in love with this unique individual. She has helped me overcome obstacles in my personal and professional careers more than she will ever know, I am so grateful!

My goals are now to push 4REEL up through the ranks of “Semi-Novice” production companies and showing people that we are truly “Unique” capturing everything in 4K resolution with the intent of creating a professional lifestyle movie showcasing the beautiful people and places my life brings before me.

2015 will be anything but mellow and I’m ready to put in work! With some solid plans already set for this month and more to come, I am very excited to see where and what this season brings!


Live Life,



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