“Just the Tip”

As some of you may know, I was involved in a helicopter crash a few weeks back. Now not a real helicopter but an R/C Quadcopter that normally flies our GoPro’s and ION’s around and also is mainly flown by our in house pilot John.


Well the story is that I picked up the controller thinking I was a boss at flying after logging a few hours on the simulator and reality has is that this is no toy. After a few successful low level ground flights I decided to take it up into the rafters inside our shop, bad idea, one bad thumb movement sent the front left propeller straight into my nose.



Before I had time to react, the propeller had struck my face five times, 3 across my nose and 2 more times across my right cheek. I felt no pain but more shock when I saw the large amount of blood on the floor along with my boss Matt yelling at me to cover my face because my nose was off! He immediately rushed me to the Frisco Hospital where I was greeted by some of the nicest Nurses I have ever encountered. I was pumped full of pain medication and put to sleep for a two and a half hour surgery.


Things went really well and I still have my nose……minus the tip, all the skin underneath my nose is gone and now attempting to re-grow skin cells in order to avoid a skin graph and more surgery down the road.


I’m glad I’m still here, things could have been worse and I learned my lesson, I will still one day fly the heli, maybe with more distance next time. 





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