“REEL Life” episode one

Ever since the end of last season I knew I wanted to start documenting some of the crazy adventures we had gone on, but I could only do so much with a GoPro. Now that Nick and I both have cameras we decided that we are proud (and kind of embarrassed) to bring you guys the first season of “REEL Life” the goal being to show you, the viewer, the real life of certain “pro” athletes. I want to capture all aspects of life, not just skiing or snowboarding, what is your favorite rider doing when he/she isn’t on the hill…

So this year we are finally doing it, and to start it all off I’v included some random “B-roll” that has been captured this year along with a quick journey to Boulder for Never Summer’s 2011 movie “Shred ’em All” featuring our very own Nick Larson, and also our trip to Breckenridge in search of snow/pre-winter party. Things got a bit crazy so I hope you enjoy this while you wait for that white stuff to start covering the hills.




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