What do you CRAVE?

Have you ever heard that one song that plays images through your head over and over? Almost as if your brain is creating the story, developing characters and creating true emotion. As soon as we heard The Adventure Club remix of “Crave You” we knew it would be a perfect match for us to create an edit that tells a story but also the feel of true emotion. After months of listing to the song on repeat, Nick McCririck and I sat down to discuss possible shots to fit the song. With some random creative inspiration, we set off to do what we had never done in the past, plan our work before we shoot it….

That being said, we are more than happy with the result, 4 days of production and 2 days of editing have left us with something we are proud to call our own. Everything that you see us do is because we love it, we are not getting paid…….yet.

Give the girl a break, she really helped us out and thanks again Luccia.




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