Updates and new things to come

So I know that I have been lacking in the “updates” department, so this is my claim that I will update more often. In order to do this I have come up with some ideas that I am currently hard at work with and I think you all will be pleased.

Thanks to Jenny Morris (http://savourthesensesblog.com/)  for helping me with the confusing language of HTML. If you notice I now have “buttons” so that you are now able to connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, ect. MAKE SURE YOU CLICK!

Along with the buttons and Ideas, you will notice a poll and email subscription link, I want you to click both. The email subscription will help you stay better updated with all of our current events and the poll will give us a better idea as what you, the viewer, wants to see on a more regular basis. I really would like to see our view count go through the roof again, and the only way to do this is to show you what you want, so tell me!


Thank you for reading and stay tuned, more updated more often.



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