The DEWTour Experience

*Photos by Nick McCririck

*Words by Cameron Payne

I went up to Dew Tour this past week thinking that I was going to follow around my friends that were competing so that I could show their behind the scenes life styles while competing in such a large scale event.  This didn’t exactly happen, Will Berman was on the list for ski slope but no one dropped out so he got hosed. Colin Spencer, Mark Hoyt and Seth Hill ( Snowboard Slope ) are pretty much Summit County celebrities now days and it was hard to track them down, I did get a few shots. The last person was Nick Larson, pretty much a brother to me, and one of those kids that can talk you into anything. Since Nick and I were staying together along with Nick McCririck ( Photographer ) and Jen Aragon ( Larson’s GF ) I decided that I would document our lives at Dew Tour.

All I had was the GoPro and a pocket full of SD cards, my goal was to show people what a fun weekend in Breckenridge can look like. We spent the first 2 days shooting practice and qualifiers, unfortunately Nick was not able to qualify and our Dew Tour experience had suddenly ended……….not. The reason Nick didn’t qualify is because Mother Nature decided to dump upon Breck and drop a fresh 10″ overnight.

As you will see in the video, our third day was spent making laps on the T-Bar in some amazing knee deep snow. I tried to film as much as I could but with the snow being that good I had trouble recording everything. Our third day ended with a very fun night featuring Breckenridge’s famous nightlife. I thought it would be a good idea to take the camera to the bar so I could show what really goes on during these parties. I think the video will pretty much sum it up.

The video wraps up with prelims for ski slope and an interview from Grant Savidge himself, along with some good times and good people. I hope you enjoy this, its really nothing special, just something I wanted to try out, so if you like it let me know.



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