This is my first post on Word Press, so I thought I might share my latest venture with all of you. As some of you know I have been making movies for a few years, these past few years I took on the name 4REELmedia with a few of my friends. Thinking that we could change the world of ski and snowboard cinematography, we jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back………until now.

Obviously we are no pros, but we were quite passionate about making a good looking product, Forrest and Kyle both have an amazing eye behind the lens, but unfortunately we were not making any money, and truth be told, efforts have been lacking a bit lately.

We just wrapped up our 2nd movie |DUB| REEL, along with a few premieres around the state and a disappointing 500 views the first day on Vimeo, I knew this was not going to pay the bills.

I have made my decision to go off on my own and pursue my own dreams of Directing, Filming and Editing my very own documentary that will show not only skiing and snowboarding, but the hard times that go along with that process. I really want people to know how much goes on behind the lens and the emotional toll it takes on friends, relationships and even personal health.

Now I’m no writer, but I will try my best to use this new blog to update followers on my current projects, situations and locations. If you like it, check back for more, if not, then don’t.




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